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Click here for the 100% water soluble laundry bag


Click here for laundry bag with a water soluble strip


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100% biodegradable and will not leave any environmental pollutant residue


Made for hospital and healthcare industry operators



Once the bag is dissolved in the washing process, the solution will be decomposed to water and carbon dioxide


Designed to enhance infection control processes in handling and transferring infected materials


Impermeable to bacteria and virus



Dissolves at different temperatures with different dissolving pace



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100% Water-Soluble Laundry Bag


200 per carton



Natural - Hot/Cold Water Soluble, 711mm x 990mm x 25um

Product code: WS-LBN2839U25



Natural - Hot/Cold Water Soluble, 660mm x 838mm x 25um

Product code: WS-LBN2633U25



Red - Hot/Cold Water Soluble, 660mm x 838mm x 25um

Product code: WS-LBR2633U25



Natural - Hot/Cold Water Soluble, 305mmx 405mm x 25um

Product code: WS-N1216U25

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Laundry Bags with Water-Soluble Strip


200 per carton



Red HD

711mm x 762mm x 20um, Product code: WS-SHR2830U20



Red LD

711mm x 762mm x 20um, Product code: WS-SLR2830U20



Yellow HD

711mm x 762mm x 20um, Product code: WS-SLY2830U20

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More Information



Water-soluble medical disposal bags for infection control

Health protection and infection prevention


There are large amount of contaminated (by excrement, blood, pathogen, etc.) articles such as medical instruments, bed sheets, linens and treatment articles in hospitals during daily treatment on patients. Such contaminated articles are occupational hazards to the staff in hospitals. The best way to handle these contaminated articles is to isolate them wherever occur so that the risk of cross infection between patients, hospital staff and the public can be minimized.


Water soluble medical disposal bags for infection control including water soluble laundry bag and medical instrument disposal bag are mainly used to collect the contaminated medical instruments, articles, patient bed sheets, linens and treatment appliances in hospitals and nursing homes. After sealing up the disposal bags, the contents inside the bag do not expose to outside environment during the whole process of conveying, washing, disinfection and drying. The water-soluble bag can dissolve completely during washing and disinfection process without any polluting residual.




Avoid direct contact between the contaminated content inside the bag and the operator until the washing and drying cycle is completed, minimizing

cross-infection and germs spread.


Avoid contaminated medical waste to be generated as the disposal bags

completely dissolve in water, eliminating the traditional treatment by incineration or burying and reducing the treatment cost.


Greatly improve the hygiene of working environment, reduce working intension and enhance the labour protection.


Standard Specifications:


  • 660mm ×840mm (thickness: 20μm /25μm /28μm /30μm)

  • 710mm ×990mm (thickness: 20μm /25μm /28μm /30μm)

  • 914mm ×990mm (thickness: 20μm /25μm /28μm /30μm)


Colour: Natural, red, blue, yellow and white


25 bags per roll / 25 bags per pack


    Recommended dissolving temperatures

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