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Splash gowns










PVC shoe covers






Dental napkins







Tray covers

Surgical Face Masks


High quality Medical and Surgical Face Masks have three layers with ultra-soft non-reactive inner layer to maximize facial comfort and bacterial protection for both the wearer and patient.


Our Green Med-Con Surgical Face Masks are available in Ear Loop as well as Tie-Back formats.


50 per box, 6 boxes in a carton



Tieback Mask

Product code: FMTB-GMC




Earloop Mask

Product code: FMEL-GMC










Dental instrument sleeves (oxo-biodegradable)


Made from environmentally friendly oxo-biodegradable film

Recyclable and fully biodegradable after disposal

 Oxo- biodegradable open-end poly bags side sealed with green line on lip


 45mm W x 280 mm L + 10mm of Lip for easy insertion of dental instrument 

 60 mm W x 260mm L + 10mm of Lip for easy insertion of dental instrument 





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