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Please contact us regarding cost and freight for the items below

Can be customised to your specific requirements


BagCo provides a wide range of high quality retail carry bags, boutique bags and singlet bags.


You can choose the film, colour, handle and shape of the bag that best suits your product line. Print both sides of the bag for maximum advertising exposure.

LDPE Patch Handle/Die Cut Boutique Bag


380 W x 490 L + 50BG 30um

White, Green, Purple, Hot Pink, Blue

Product Code: BTQ DC – M, 500 per carton










LDPE Flexi-Loop Handle Boutique Bags


White, Green, Purple, Hot Pink, Blue, 500 per carton

Available in oxo-biodegradable


440 W x 450 L + 70BG + 50um Product Code:  LOOP H – L

250 W x 320 L + 50BG + 45um Product Code:  LOOP H – S





HDPE Singlet Carry Bags


175 +120 X 240 9um, Product Code: HD-TS

5000 per carton


250 +125 X 500 11um, Product Code: HD-TM

3000 per carton


300 +160 X 540 15um, Product Code: HD-TL

2000 per carton











Oxo- biodegradable Singlet Bag


Made from patented 100% oxo-biodegradable film

Beige or White


Our fully biodegradable carry bags comply with the following international standards:


Australia                      AS4736

United States               ASTMD6400

Europe                         EN13432

Japan                           GREENPLA



200mm W + 100mm Side Gussets x 420mm L - 9um

Product Code: BIO-TB-S, 5000 per carton


250mm W + 125mm Side Gussets x 500mm L - 11um

Product Code: BIO-TB-M, 3000 per carton


300mm W + 160mm Side Gussets x 540mm L - 13um

Product Code: BIO-TB-L, 2000 per carton

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