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Water Soluble Film Types - Specifications and Applications





















Water-Soluble Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)


Water Soluble PVA Film/ Bags



Section 1. The Product & Manufacturer


Name of Product: Water Soluble PVA Laundry Bag /Packaging Bag


Characteristic:water soluble and biodegradable


Application:water-soluble bags for infection control and medical disposal,packaging for chemicals.



Section 2. Chemical Composition


The product is composed of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA/PVOH), plasticizers and

additives. The plasticising agent is a compound system, which is mainly composed of high boiling polyhydric alcohol.


The main substances are biodegradable.


Toxic substances are absent.



Section 3. Information of Dangers


The storage and the handling of the product do not cause danger for people or for environmental.



Section 4. First-aid Measures


In case of skin contact: harmless, no irritation.

In case of eye contact: remove from contact, flush with clean water.

In case of accidental swallowing: vomit the contents.



Section 5. Fire fighting Measures


The product is not self-inflammable, but it is combustible.

Recommended fire extinguisher: atomised water, foam, dry extinguisher and carbon dioxide.

Means of protection: fireproof clothes and respirators.



Section 6. Accident Release Measures


Collect with dry mechanical tools.



Section 7. Handling and Storage


Storage condition: to store the product in clean, non-toxic, damp-proof inner packaging. Aluminium foil is recommended as the inner packing material.


Keep far from heat sources.

Storage temperature: 15°C ~30°C   humidity 30 -70%

Precautions for storage place: natural ventilation.

Precautions for storage place: natural ventilation.

Precautions: avoid any kind of contact with water, as the product is water-soluble.



Section 8. Exposure Control/ Individual Protection


Respiratory protection: Not required

Ventilation: Not required, misting environment may require adequate ventilation.

Protection gloves: Not required.

Eye protection: Not required.

Other protective equipments:Not required.



Section 9. Physical and Chemical Properties


Appearance: Form---solid, translucent

Color---natural, red, yellow, blue, etc.

Smell---A small amount of odour

Physical properties - Fusion point: > 150°C

Inflammability: non detectable

Decomposition temperature: > 260°C

Self-ignition: > 400°C

Explosion danger: No

PH value: 5-7 (4wt % water solution)

Specific weight: 1.1~1.3/cm3

Moisture content: the moisture content varies according to the ambient temperature and humidity.



Section 10. Stability and Reactivity


The product is stable in normal environmental conditions.

Thermal decomposition starts from 260;

 Avoid contact with flames and strong oxidizing agents.



Section 11. Toxicological Information


Acute Oral Toxicity on rats: above 2,000 mg/kg

Acute Oral Toxicity on fish: the fish did not show any poisoning symptoms

Skin irritation: Not noticed

Note: With adequate use, serious damages for health are not noticed



Section 12. Ecological information


The product is biodegradable, without any toxic residue.

Eco-toxicological: until now, no records of damaging to deputation or treatment plants of biological sewage.



Section 13. Disposal Consideration


Please refer to local laws and regulations



Section 14. Transport Information


Land expedition: Harmless goods.

Carriage by sea: Harmless goods.

Air freight: Harmless goods.



Section 15. Regulatory Information


According to National Industrial Product Safety Standard of the People’s Republic of China.



Section 16. Other Information


While the information and recommendations set forth herein are believed to be accurate. BagCo and the manufacturer assume no liability nor make any warranty as to completeness or accuracy. Final determination of suitability of any material is sole responsibility of the users. All materials may present unknown hazards and should be used with caution.



Product Description of Cold Water Soluble Film/Bag


BagCo Cold Water-Soluble film and bags are ideal for a variety of diverse applications including water-soluble packaging, water-soluble labels and embroidery underlay etc.


Typical Properties @ (45±2)% RH,22±2 Temp

Tensile Strength: (GB/T 13022-1991) > 32 MPa

Tear Strength:  (QB/T 1132-1991) > 100N/mm

Elongation: (GB/3022) >200%


Testing condition: Type C film was kept in oven at 60~65°C or 3 hours, and then returned to room condition.


Heat Resistance:

Temperature up to 130º the film becomes soft

Temperature up to 180º the film becomes molten


Solubility 25 microns:         








Product Description of Hot Water Soluble Film/Bag


BagCo Hot Water-Soluble film and bags are ideal for a variety of diverse applications including water-soluble packaging, mould-releasing, garment packaging, shopping bag etc.


Typical Properties @ (45±2)% RH, 22±2 Temp

Tensile Strength: (GB/T 13022-1991) > 32 MPa

Tear Strength:  (QB/T 1132-1991) > 100N/mm

Elongation: (GB/3022) >200%


Testing condition: Type C film was kept in oven at 60~65°C or 3 hours, and then returned to room condition.


Heat Resistance:

Temperature up to 130º the film becomes soft

Temperature up to 180º the film becomes molten


Solubility 25 microns:








Industrial Water-soluble packaging


PVA film has good water solubility and it can dissolve at different temperatures with different dissolving pace. PVA film has been widely used in the packaging of fertilizers, pesticide, dyestuffs, detergent, water-sewer additives, mineral additives, cement additives etc.


Water-soluble packaging bag of fertilizers and pesticide

Chemicals, used in agriculture are usually highly toxic and cause  severe pollution, endanger to our health. Therefore people have been paying more and more attention to the materials of agricultural packaging.


Although being used for a long time, the chemicals of regular agricultural packaging have three main disadvantages. Firstly, liquid agriculture chemical is packed in glass bottles, which are easily broken, and causes leakage of toxic chemical. Secondly, a lot of leftover in the packaging produce large amount of chemical waste.


Thirdly, if the agriculture chemical packaging with leftover were discarded in rivers, rivulet, farm or terra etc, it would pollute the soil and water source and would be invisibly killing us, the human beings and our environment in long term.


As PVA packaging film and bag have unique physical property and biodegradability, they have been more and more popularly used in the packaging of fertilizer and pesticide in recent years.


Comes in the following colours: Natural, red, blue, yellow and white.


Water-soluble packaging bag for chemicals


Dyeing industry


In normal operation, when the workers drop the dyestuff into the dye vat by using plastic buckets or regular plastic bags, the following problems happen:


The used plastic bags become a lot of chemical wastes and large amount disposal cost incurred.

It requires large space to place such plastic buckets and large amount of cleaning cost incurred.

It affects accuracy of the requested weight of dyestuff due to the residue in buckets and PE bags


The advantage of using water-soluble bags

  • Improve the working environment to be clean and tidy.

  • Reduce the cost of labour and cleaning.

  • Keep secret of dyeing formula.

  • Increase production efficiency by simplifying the process.

  • Suitable for automatic operation process.



Water-soluble packaging for cement additives


Cement additive has natures of alkali, acidity and high concentration. It is normally used outdoors and easily getting into operators’ eyes and skin and pollute  the environment. In the past operators have to put on appropriative overall to avoid the pollution of cement additive, which is very costly and inconvenient


In recent years, water-soluble bags have been widely used for packaging of cement additives in some western developed countries to avoid environmental pollution. By adding the cement additives directly into the mixing bucket with water-soluble packaging, operation becomes simple and accurate dosage is achieved. It is safer and more convenient to mix the cement additives without opening the packaging.


Cleanser and detergent packaging


PVA film with water-soluble and biodegradable Characteristics has been widely used in the packaging of cleanser, detergent and disinfector.


Advantages of water-soluble packaging bag:

  • Avoid breakage of liquid pesticide / chemical / detergent bottles packaging, effectively reduce the transport costs of bottle weight and efficiently solve the risks of leakage and the problems of recycling and environmental pollution;

  • Avoid the use of regular plastic bags (non-water-soluble packaging, which generate large amount of chemical residues.

  • Reduce the chemical pollution caused by pesticide / chemical / detergent residues left in the regular plastic bags and avoid contamination to soil and water.

  • Greatly reduce the infection from toxic or irritative materials such as pesticide and industrial chemicals.

  • Act as is excellent container of oil, fat and other organic solvent.

  • Increase dosage accuracy by simplifying the process and avoid the wastage in packaging.



The table below indicates the recommended dissolving temperatures.



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